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02 July 2011


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The rev share proposal is a great one if a company derives all or most of its value from LinkedIn data. It's a little trickier if less than say 50% of the service's value is derived directly from LinkedIn API usage.

Thankfully I was able to sign in to comment on this blog using Twitter, without you, me or anybody being charged.

I've tried to summarize the contentious terms and conditions of the LinkedIn API here if anybody is interested in a layman's interpretation: http://bit.ly/kNNnUM

Steven Willmott

Fair point on the attribution problem - that does cause issues and great summary on your blog. There are other business models to be applied though and it's a matter of finding one. The X% cut model seems to be becoming common for digital goods delivered on a single platform, but it would certainly be possible to do this by volume - low/zero costs for partners that use less than a certain volumes and then different licensing agreements as volumes get higher. It's by no means easy to balance the goal of distribution of the content and monetization - but cutting off access entirely is potentially also very negative.

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