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29 September 2008


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Karen Grube

An Open Letter to Sergey Brin:

I just want you to know that the attack on Prop 8 you published...

[This comment has been published on a number of other weblogs this AM and I'm removing it here since I don't see this blog as a political platform. If the poster would like to post their opinion on their own blog and add a link, that would be fine with me.]

...You seemingly only want to hear from those who agree with you! How dumb is that? And the fact that you have no way for people to really respond is so typical of Google.

Karen Grube

Steven Willmott

As noted above, I removed the content of a comment here since contained a lengthy opinion on California's proposition 8 debate, enclosed in calls to stop using Google - a linkage which I find strongly disagreeable. The same content has seemingly also been posted in various other places.

If the author wishes to express this opinion I have no problem with it, however I'd prefer they do this via a blog of their own and providing a link, rather than replicating text here.

I'm not deeply familiar with California law, nor am I an expert on the impact of Proposition 8 or Proposition 22 but I do read a wide range of US opinion (both sides) and hold a fundamental belief that, outside of harm to others, people should be free to live the way they wish to live. I'm glad to see corporations like Google are willing to speak out about that.

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